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answerQUEST has been one of the fastest growing offices in the recruiting industry since opening in 1998. answerQUEST specializes in 5 key industry sectors: Technology Sales, Security Sales Technology & Management, Medical Technology Sales, Retail and Manufacturing, and Big Data Analytics Technology.

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Client Reviews: We Love our Clients, And They Love Us.

We are fully dedicated to our clients. When you join the answerQUEST team, rest assured knowing we are doing everything we can to help you grow your success. Check out what our clients have to say!

“I could not be happier in my new position!”

“Quinton found me for a unique job opportunity that I ended up being thrilled to accept after he negotiated on my behalf. When I went to the interview I learned that a few other (very happy) employees were found by answerQUEST and they have been at the organization for 10+ years! He was extremely responsive and really went to bat for me when it counted. I could not be happier in my new position, Thanks Quinton and the answerQUEST team!”

– Mary Wleklinski, Marketing Automation Supervisor, Kaufman Rossin

Working with answerQUEST has been incredibly refreshing. The quality of the candidates that Tafari presented to us was very impressive.
Craig Lund, Healthmedx
Noel jumps right on things. He is my main contact. We have another search going now. Your team has been spot on.
Martin Krohn, Partner/CEO, Knight Security Systems
The Kolbe Wisdom™ is cutting-edge knowledge with powerful, immediate applications. There’s nothing else like it.
Martha Beck, Harvard PhD, Best Selling Author
The Talent Solution System is a great tool! Seems funny you would interview a person once or twice, and hope to keep them for years. It’s really daunting to know someone is going to work out before you hire them. The Kolbe Index™ offers that valuable insight and detail.
Tim Brand, Project Manager, Nasatka Barrier
It was a true pleasure working with Brandon. Not only is he a pleasure to talk to but I truly felt as if he was taking my needs and concerns into consideration. The position I just started, with Brandon’s assistance, is a perfect fit and I absolutely believe it was due to Brandon’s placement talent.
Deborah Huffman, Merchandise Planner, Academy Sports and Outdoors
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